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Smith Woods: The Environmental History of an Old Growth Forest Remnant in Central New York State

This book is the story of how a little forest near Trumansburg, NY — known as Smith Woods — came to be, and how it persisted through the years when other old-growth forests met their demise by the axe and saw. Combining perspectives from geology, ecology, history, and anthropology, the authors weave a narrative history of the many influences — human and non-human — that have shaped this patch of land over the past 20,000 years since it emerged from the last glacial period. It is the story not just of Smith Woods, but of the forests that once covered almost all of northeastern North America.
Warren D. Allmon, Marvin P. Pritts, Peter L. Marks, Blake P. Epstein, David A. Bullis, Kurt A. Jordan

Pages: 207

Issue: SP52

Year published: 2017

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