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Program Details

Programs led by a CNC educator are offered every week. All children under 15 must have an adult present. We'll be using specimens from our education collection and tools for exploration, then head to the woods to put into action what we learned. Please make sure to register all adults in attendance.

Our fall series is focused on habitats, animals and the world around us here in Ithaca. Feel free to come to one program or come to all! 

Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour
Time: 10-11 am
Age: 4 and up
Openings per program: 20


Program Descriptions  

Curious Camouflage: September 26, 2020

Animals are the best at hide and seek, but why? A lot of animals have one key advantage: camouflage. Blending in with their surroundings is important for survival. We’ll look at some specimens from our collection and then try our own hand at camouflage. Prepare to get covered with natural materials to help camouflage yourself! Then we’ll play a game to test our skills and how good our eyesight is at spotting our camouflaged friends!


Animals in Winter: October 3, 2020

Winter time is approaching. We’ll prepare by getting our snow pants and gloves ready. But what do animals do? Do rabbits have ear muffs? Do deer build a house to keep the snow out? We’ll look at the creative adaptations animals use to survive through a winter in New York.


Tracking and Trails: October 10, 2020

Have you ever found a footprint from an animal in the mud? Maybe a feather left behind by a bird? This week we’ll be looking at ways to track animals both by investigating their tracks and learning about their behavior. We’ll also play a game where we’ll track an animal through the property at CNC.

Fireside Chats: October 17, 2020

With the weather getting colder each day, a fire is a wonderful way to warm up and relax in the woods. This week we’ll be discussing fire safety and trying out various fire starting techniques, from using pine sap to batteries and even a magnifying glass. Before we head to the woods to start a campfire, we’ll create our own fire starters to bring home!


The Age of a Deer: October 24, 2020

Have you lost a tooth? Maybe an adult tooth is growing in? Do you know anyone that might have dentures? Teeth are important tools for all animals, not just humans. We’ll look at types of teeth and what that means about that animal's diet. At the end you’ll take a look at a deer’s teeth and see if we can tell how old that deer was.


Spooky, Creepy, and Gnarly: October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween! Though trick-or-treating and Halloween celebrations might look different this year, join us to look at some spooky specimens and learn some spine-tingling facts about nature. We’ll investigate a cat's skull and find out the animal culprit behind its untimely death. Do you have what it takes to investigate and solve this mystery?

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